33 Things I Learned in my 33rd Year

  1. Falling in love is amazing.
  2. The difference between arrogance and confidence.
  3. Communication is everything to me.
  4. A space of one’s own is EVERYTHING.
  5. Being social is actually kind of fun.
  6. You are your own champion.
  7. Roasted vegetables are easy and AMAZING!
  8. Cats have personalities.
  9. I can’t change my personality, but I can develop and manage it.
  10. Baking Soda and Vinegar kick ass.
  11. Much of life is about showing up.
  12. People aren’t always who they say/think they are.
  13. Embracing my flaws is incredibly liberating.
  14. My people are everywhere, I just have to find them.
  15. I should have bought a power drill a long time ago.
  16. Area rugs are super expensive.
  17. Sharing your time and space with someone is what really counts.
  18. The way I plan to spend Christmas from now on.
  19. I find extroverts scary for all the right reasons.
  20. Being open about my flaws is incredibly liberating.
  21. The difference between a selfish person and an egocentric person.
  22. People who talk big and promise big can be full of intention and empty of action.
  23. How to say ‘No.’
  24. Don’t be empty of action.
  25. Show up.
  26. I can survive humiliation.
  27. Have expectations of no one, regardless of what they say.
  28. Indeed, blue is my favorite color, but I can appreciate others.
  29. ‘Death by meeting.’ The struggle is real.
  30. You can accomplish quite a bit in 4.5 minutes.
  31. People who make others their ‘project,’ need the most work.
  32. Therapy saves my life.
  33. Heartbreak is devastating.

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